~ Tutorials ~

Astrophotography is easily the most difficult thing I have ever done, luckily for us, there are tons of  people who have figured this stuff out already!

By far the thing that helped me the most, was going to the Beginner and Intermediate Imaging section of the CloudyNights forum and posting questions. Many of the people on that fourm are probably the most helpful and encouraging people I have ever encountered and I take pride in the fact that I was able to help and encourage newbies that are now far beyond me in skill. Some of then have created the tutorials linked below.

The Astro Imaging Channel, or "TAIC" is a wealth of information for beginners and advanced alike, spearheaded by Adam Jaffe, this group has Google+ sessions for topics related to astrophotography every Sunday night and the videos are then posted to youtube.
The Astro Imaging Channel on Google+
The Astro Imaging Channel on youtube

I will be creating some beginner tutorials in the future, but for now lets get started with some great work by other folks.

Deep Sky Stacker
 -You can't really beat free, and it works like a champ, input your raw images and calibration files and it does the rest, super easy to use and very effective.

Light Vortex Deep Sky Stacker Tutorial
 -Probably the most well known image processing software and used by almost everyone that processes astro images, even if it's not the primary software they use for their images.

In my opinion the best tutorial for learning to process images in Photoshop is from Scott Rosen. I learned more by watching and following along with his video than everything I had figured out the previous year. It really helped me understand what I was doing. A bit long and complex for a complete newb but if you take it in steps it really does teach a tremendous amount.
Scott Rosen's DLSR LLRGB Tutorial

 - Anna Morris (Anna also has a great set of Actions available)
  - David Rankin:

  - Ken Crawford
  - Bill Snyder Bi-Color
Bi-Color Blue
Bi-Color Green
 - Extremely powerful all-in-one software for image calibration and processing

 - Madratter
 - Kayron Mercieca (Light Vortex)

 -David Ault

 - Rogelio Bernal Andrio